The planet as a whole has seen many changes over the course of time. Many of these have to do with changes in the global enviroment as well as shifts in other aspects of life.


Global temperatures have been rising, resulting in more severe weather conditions. Heat waves can reach deadly temperatures. In central latitudes, the combination of increasing temperatures and decreasing water supply has led to a major exodus. Refugees are very common as people flee from unliveable conditions.

Natural disasters have become both more common and more severe. Hurricanes have eliminated many coastal regions and wildfires rage nearly constantly. Earthquakes are devastating, particularly to camps and small establishments. While the technology for predicting this weather has become better, it hasn’t really helped any of the people affected by these disasters. There are no national relief programs, so most people are left to fend for themselves when faced with the havoc of nature.

As the polar ice caps and glacial bodies have been melting, sea levels have risen. Much of the East Coast has been permanently flooded. What used to be Florida is essentially non-existent. The central valley of California has also been effected, and that flooding caused devastating effects on crops within the area. Outside of North America, areas such as Hong Kong and London have been washed out by rising sea levels.

Air quality around cities forced many people to leave for more rural areas. Water pollution has reduced the amount of potable water available. While Compounds now have well filtered and clean water systems, most Pleebland cities and refugee camps have difficulty maintaining regular, clean water supplies.

Animal Life & ExtinctionsEdit

A very large portion of animals have gone extinct, including over 50% of amphibians, 20% of birds, and 15% of plants. Over three quarters of the Amazon rainforest has been destroyed, taking a large portion of biodiversity with it. The Great Barrier Reef no longer exists. Conservation efforts have generally been discarded as Compound based companies now focus on the creation of new “useful” species.

Countries & PoliticsEdit

Territory boundries have shifted. In North America, the former states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California merged with Mexico to form TexMexico. Much of this area is uninhabitable, with many of the remaining residents living in incredibly impoverished conditions. The European Union has collapsed and many countries closed their borders to combat famine refugees. A merger of countries on the Asian continent (including Russia, Mongolia, east China, Tibet, and north India), has resulted in the mass country of Russiasia. Russasia has a low population density, with a large number of of desert areas and heavily poluted former cities (now pleebland cities).

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