The Pleeblands are the vestiges of our current civilization—likely updated from 2012’s view on the world and infrastructure—but generally run-down and outdated compared to Compounds. Like any city there are several parts.

General AreasEdit

The CityEdit

The city itself is like any large city. There are better parts than others. The city still has an active, functioning retail district where you’ll find shops like Mo’Hair and AnooYoo spas. There are Happicuppa chains as well as SecretBurger and other restaurants. You’ll find night clubs, bars, and strip joints/brothels like Scales & Tails. There are still parks and public spaces that are attended but they lack the genetically spectacular flora and fauna of the Compounds. There is a train that runs from the Compounds to the Pleeblands as well as taxi service. There are schools with no real focus on educating the Pleebs, simply a compulsory necessity.

There are rough parts. The Pleeblands has many gangs and each has their own territories. There are ghettos and abandoned buildings where criminals house grow-ops. God’s Gardeners and other radical religious groups also tend to live in these parts of town where they may remain inconspicuous.

Housing for those with employment would range from apartments to row houses and would be in various states of repair. There is no real ‘rich’ area to town. The unemployed or unable to afford shelter would squat in abandoned businesses and buildings. There is no shortage of abandoned buildings.

Instead of prisons, there is the Painball Arena. Convicted (though who’s to say you get a hearing…) criminals are instead sent here to fight to the death for the entertainment of the masses. Those who survive are released back onto the Pleeblands. More info on this later. The Corps has a presence in the Pleeblands—a gig no Corps officer hopes to draw.


Much like our own but less shiny and new. The suburbs were considered safer and nicer than the inner city, but now have become rundown and the homes are outdated. Lots of ranches and two story homes; you’ll find no mansions here. A Pleeblander with a respectable job and income would live here. Schools here are likely better and while safer than the inner city, burglary is rampant.


Farms are still on the outskirts of the suburbs and most have either been bought out by Compounds or are abandoned. Compound owned farms would likely be walled off from the rest of the Pleeblands. Many of the farms experienced a fallow time and became abandoned as citizens moved into the cities to find work.


Somewhat a myth perpetuated by the Compounds, though there is truth to the fact that the Pleeblands are an unsanitary place to live. In some areas running water and electricity are scarce. Like in olden times, dirty smelly people tend to breed disease. Except we’ve effectively weeded out the old fashioned illnesses and diseases and new ‘hot bioforms’ are appearing daily. Some of these spawn from the conditions of living. Some are released onto the Pleeblands by the Compounds themselves…

Many employees and Corps officers wear nose cones, a small protective mask that filters the air. Some citizens may also wear these, but it’s less common.

This is not a place made of sunshine and happiness and smiles. Despite the gaudy storefronts and fur-suit wearing employees hawking products, this world is very bleak. Even the Compounds’ most lowly employee lives in better conditions than here.


Drug use runs rampant. Gangs and the Corps run the show (dirty Corps is not uncommon…) and citizens found running grow-ops without giving their cut to the Corps or the gang leaders will find themselves in the Painball arena if they’re lucky. Otherwise very much dead. Everything from skunkweed to synthetic, lab made and marketed happy pills is out in the Pleeblands.

Prostitution is legal and profitable. The sanctioned prostitution businesses like Scales & Tails (a gentleman’s cabaret of sorts) and Secksmart offer good living conditions and safer work environments for their employees. Most wear biofilm body suits to prevent STDs and other diseases from touching them. Most live on-site of the club and are given excellent medical care, food, shelter, and exercise. The prostitutes who are not-so-lucky are out on the streets and are generally drug addicts, abused women and men, and have no real control over their situation. Cruel pimps and gang lords call the shots.

Robbery and theft run rampant. Even in the suburbs and rural areas, it's not a safe place to live. Firearms for citizen consumption are illegal--and are hard to find at that. That leaves thugs to find arms through illegal means and Corps officers.

For those who commit crimes, the Painball Arena is the method of choice for punishment. Painball is streamed live on the internet and features convict vs. convict teams fighting for survival. Instead of paint-balls, they shoot painballs. Like paint balls, they sting and burst on contact. Unlike paint balls, the substance begins to corrode away flesh and bone on contact. One shot to the eyes would blind you for life. Multiple shots can trigger a heart attack. Those who ‘win’ get their lives and freedom. Those who die suffer grisly public deaths.


There are a whole host of jobs out in Pleebland. No, you won't find many top notch researchers and doctors outside of a compound, but there are a whole host of careers similar to modern jobs. There is a Corps presence in the Pleeblands but it's not likely to be anyone's first choice.

Compound Workers and PleeblandsEdit

Compound Workers can freely travel into the Pleeblands but it's seen as 'slumming it' and can be frowned upon. Some people do leave the compound for business--some for pleasure. While Compounds have every modern comfort and more...the promise of danger and excitement in the Pleeblands is appealing to some.

Of course Pleebs can't come into Compounds. Feared to be disease carriers, Corps SeCorps are paid to keep Pleeb garbage from drifting into the sanitary compartmentalized world of Compounds.

This doesn't stop everyone. The black market is alive and well and forged documents can get Pleebs in and out. But there's always a risk of being caught and punished.

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