The Compounds are self-sufficient communities that are run by corporations, generally of a scientific or medical nature. These compounds are safe, monitored communities of intellectuals and tend to represent large companies like HealthWyzer, AnooYoo, RejoovenEssence, and OrganInc Farms. These are just a few of the major North American corporations, and other countries have their own varied scientific communities.

As mentioned, these communities are self-sufficient. There is no need to go into the Pleeblands. Groceries, shopping, housing, dining, schools—you name it. It is all on the Compounds. The Compounds employ Corps SeCorps to do their policing and they serve to keep the peace in the community as well as to keep out the unwanted Pleeblanders.

Besides the large amount of researchers, scientists, and medical staff who work and live in these Compounds, all support staff also live on grounds. Corps, teachers, gardeners, and everything in between; they would also share the Compound as their homes. Perhaps their homes are not as lavish, but they have the joy of living in the safest places around.

Parts of a CompoundEdit


There are several neighborhoods within the Compounds and all are nice, well kept, and safe. Some of the houses are smaller than others, but no one is truly ‘poor’ who lives in the Compound. There are large mansions for the higher ups and esteemed families but everything in between as well. Even the apartments and condo units are in good condition. If the compound is big enough, there will also be a few schools in each Compound neighborhood—all of a high quality.

Business DistrictEdit

You’ll find most of your shopping and dining needs in the business districts of the Compounds. Dance clubs, Happicuppa, boutiques, and more can be found here. There are also gorgeously manicured parks and ponds throughout most Compounds and plenty of green space to walk your genetically altered designer dogs. There is no real need to leave the Compounds unless you’re trying to procure something of a shady nature.

Research Facilities and Office ComplexesEdit

Set apart from the business districts are the research and development areas of the Compound. The majority of the Compound employees report here for duty on a daily basis. Beyond scientific and medical studies, there are also marketing firms, software developers, and more sharing the brain-space within the community.


There is almost any job you can think of in the compounds. A large amount of the citizens are made up of researchers and Corps employees, but there are jobs in retail, service, education, etc. You'll find some risque employers such as stripper-grams and strip clubs but if you're looking for prostitution you'll have to go out to the Pleebs.


Crime is nearly non-existent. The Corps SeCorps are extremely efficient and handle most occurrences as discreetly as possible. They keep the Pleebs out with sprayguns and other tactics. The most common crime on Compounds would be intellectual theft. With so many Compounds across the world competing in the market, secrets are at a premium. Spies are routinely flushed out, interrogated, and dealt with accordingly.

There is also a terrorist group on the rise. The Adamites are technologically advanced terrorists who steal Compound secrets and often release their own biological inventions on the general populous. These terrorists are a huge threat to the wellbeing of the Compounds and the crime for their terrorism and treason is execution. Unfortunately for the Corps, these Adamites are mostly active on the internet and lead mild mannered, unassuming lives within their communities.

Leaving the CompoundsEdit

You can leave, but why would you want to?! Upon returning you’ll need to be cleaned for hot bioforms, but otherwise…sure. Head into the Pleeblands at your own risk. There is a train that can take you into the heart of the Pleeblands and from there you’re on your own. Some men do head to the Pleebs for a night out at Scales & Tails and sometimes Compound research takes you outside the gates.

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