While a great many "natural" animals have gone extinct, new species have been developed as well.


"Pig baboons" were originally developed for growing organs and tissues to be transplanted to humans. They are incredibly intelligent animals, and are not supposed to get outside of the research facilities...


A hybrid of raccoons and skunks, these adorable animals have bandit masks and stripes. The bothersome smell of the skunk has been eliminated. This cross was developed essentially 'just because'. They are used as general lab animals, but they have been seen as pets within the Compounds.


Warring religious leaders argued for years over the Biblical symbolism of lions and lambs. At some point, someone thought to resolve potential conflicts by simply making a hybrid of the lion and lamb. The project was limited, although a few liobams did 'escape' into the Pleeblands. They look sweet, but the predator instinct wasn't easily dampened.

Mo’ Hair Sheep

Created by the beauty company Mo' Hair, these sheep are bred for their human hair. The hair grows in different textures and colors (some quite unnatural) and can be used for scalp transplants. If the owners are careful to keep them out of Corps sight, these simple-minded animals can be kept as pets.


Bred for use by Corps officers, this combination of wolf and dog maintained the angriest and most vicious tendencies of a wild wolf while maintaining the docile and loving appearance of a domestic dog. Rival Pleeb gangs also have gotten their hands on these animals.


One of the earliest attempts at manipulating aging in animals, the bobkitten looks small and cuddly, it has the cunning of a fully grown wildcat. Some have been adopted as pets, and many simply run wild in the Pleeblands, although they tend to stay away from highly populated areas.


This spider goat cross was created so its silk could be milked from it. The spoat was not a popular hybrid and the company that created it dropped the project after a few years.

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